We buy and sell guitars with transparent agreements


We from The Guitar Company understand that the feeling has to be right before purchasing a guitar, and we attach great value to it. That is why we will do our utter best to give you that good feeling. To reach that goal, The Guitar Company’s always works according to two bullet points:

The Guitar Company attaches great value to trust. We want you to trust us because of the way we work. This is why we do everything we can to describe the guitars we sell as accurate and veracious as possible. We do a thorough research on each and every guitar we sell, and by doing so you can trust us that what you see is what you get!

The Guitar Company stands for transparent deals. Both the buying as the selling party has to know where he or she stands. To reach this level of transparency, we like to work together with you. We run the entire procedure through together and if we come to an agreement, we gladly show you all the rights and obligations for the buyer.


The warranty does not apply to guitars sold via consignment. These instruments are sold ‘as is’. This means that the guitars will be sold in the way they are provided. You can make sure that our experts will check the guitar in detail on originality, structure and quality.

When purchasing a guitar, the following applies
When purchasing a guitar, a description of the condition of the guitar is included. The Guitar Company is only responsible for defects that were not in the description, but can be proven to have been there at the moment of sale. For damages or defects on the instrument after the sale, The Guitar Company can not be held responsible.

When selling a guitar through consignment, the following applies
At the agreement of consignment, the guitar is managed by The Guitar Company. We handle your instrument with utmost care. If anything happens to the guitar, The Guitar Company can be held responsible. In case of fire or theft we call upon our liability insurance. The payment received will be transferred to the consigner.

Defects or shortcomings

We strive to give you a most accurate description. Unfortunately, we can not rule out that errors might occur.