The Guitar Company is online!

With pride we present you or new website: The Guitar Company! After years of collecting guitars as a hobby it’s time to take a new step! We are Erwin van Waardenburg and Dirk Schots, fervent lovers of guitars. Continue reading to learn more about us and about The Guitar Company.

Dirk and Erwin met during their study at Fontys University of Applied Sciences Arts. Together they started their first company, Artventus, an online studio. Besides the same study they share a passion. Both Erwin and Dirk are lovers of music and vintage music instruments in particular. For this reason, you can always find at least one guitar in their office in Breda, and sometimes it is hard to get back to work when they start playing!

Apart from their daily work (making websites, web-shops, and web-apps) they collected vintage guitars for a hobby. At a certain point this hobby started to get out of hand. It took too much time and they wanted to start taking things seriously. That is why they started The Guitar Company and they are proud to present their new website, a place for lovers of vintage guitars!

The concept

The Guitar Company offers professionals and collectors a platform to offer their guitar for sale. How does it work?

  • You contact The Guitar Company.
  • On base of the information on the guitar we make a price indication
  • We make an appointment to check and test the guitar
  • We agree on a final price and sign a consignment contract together. The contract has all the information in it, including the commission that The Guitar Company receives when the guitar is sold
  • The guitar comes in management of The Guitar Company
  • When the guitar is sold, the bidding price minus the commission will be transferred to you within ten working days

Want to know more? Read all our terms here.The answer to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ.