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Epiphone Devon Sunburst 1952


The Epiphone Devon is one of the rarest Epiphone archtops. Epiphone produced only c. 800 in New York between 1949 and 1954.

This vintage archtop has a 17 ⅜” solid hand-carved Spruce top. The sides are made of laminated Maple and the back is made of 1-piece laminated Maple.

The Epiphone Devon has a 25 ½ scale, similar to the Epiphone Deluxe, Broadway and Triumph. The neck is made of Cherry and the bound Rosewood fingerboard is inlaid with the stylish Epiphone mother-of-pearl Oval inlays. On the headstock we find the original nickel-plated open geared tuners.

As is often the case with vintage Epiphone guitars, this one also showed binding rot. The entire binding has been professionally replaced.

When we bought this Epiphone Devon, the headstock-shape had been modified. Instead of the characteristic “bookshape,” it now had the straight shape of a Martin. Probably one of the previous owners preferred a Martin (or the guitar didn't fit in the case) and therefore modified the headstock. Since the guitar sounded so good, we decided to give it a “facelift.”

Our luthier carefully removed the headplate. He removed the inlays from the headplate without damage. He then reconstructed the original headstock shape. A new headplate was made and the original inlays were put back.

Then the headstock was finished with nitrocellulose lacquer, as it was originally. The result? The Epiphone has its old face back!

Other than that, the Epiphone is all original except for the pickguard. We chose to upgrade the pickguard slightly. The placed pickguard is a handmade by us Epiphone Emperor pickguard. If you ask us, one of the most elegant archtop pickguards ever made!

The sound of this vintage Epiphone is bright and open, with excellent projection. A true acoustic powerhouse, ready to hit the smoky jazz clubs!

The Epiphone comes with a gig-bag.








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Epiphone Devon Sunburst 1952