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Archtop pickguards

Archtop pickguards

Why The Guitar Company?

The Guitar Company has been dealing in serious vintage guitars such as Gibson, Gretsch, Guild and Epiphone archtops for over 15 years. We know better than anyone else that the original pickguards are often deteriorated or missing. This is of course a shame, because the original pickguard often determines the appearance of a vintage jazz guitar. Besides being a shame, "gassing" the material can also cause permanent damage to metal parts and the finish.

We found it very difficult to get historically correct pickguards within Europe. From this problem we set out to manufacture historically correct pickguards ourselves. Over the years we have built up a database with the outlines of various vintage pickguards. We take these outlines and import them into a 3D modeling program, enabling us to create precise replicas. Subsequently, we utilize a 3D printer to produce molds based on these digital models.

Custom scratchplates & pickguards

Pickguards available on our web shop are shipped promptly the next business day when ordered (unless otherwise stated). So you can quickly restore your vintage guitar to top condition.

Need a pickguard for a specific model? We manufacture them according to the original specifications. This process takes an average of 14 business days.

Contact us about your custom pickguard

The celluloid used is expensive, but the process is also very time-consuming and labor-intensive. When determining the price, we base it on the material used and the hours made.

The pickguards are produced in The Netherlands, North Brabant, Rijsbergen. We make our pickguards from high quality material. The pickguards are completely hand bound, planed and polished. Exactly as they were produced in the past.

We always make our pickguards undrilled (unless otherwise noted) because archtop guitars often had unique attachment points from one instrument to another.

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