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The specialist in vintage & high-end guitars.

We are located in Rijsbergen, the Netherlands. We specialize in vintage guitars. It's all about finding the perfect match between a passionate player and a beautiful guitar.

We love sharing knowledge and passion.

Ten years ago, we started The Guitar Company and sold a guitar to our first customer. Since that first sale, we have united hundreds of guitar enthusiasts with the guitar of their dreams.

About The Guitar Company

Our guitars have found new homes in more than 20 countries, have been used by artists and in studios, and have caused people to fall in love with vintage guitars.

Feel free to swing by in our shop. We are passionate about guitars and we love sharing that passion with fellow guitarists. Have a cup of coffee whilst talking about guitars or try out some of our best vintage models. We always have a broad selection of guitars in stock.

Erwin van Waardenburg

The Guitar Company is an initiative by Erwin van Waardenburg. I started playing guitar when I was ten years old. My first guitar was an old Silvertone and that sparked my interest for vintage guitars. Now, many years later, I am the proud owner of a collection with mainly rare, vintage Gibson guitars.

Erwin started playing guitar at a young age. He started with an old Silvertone and over twenty years (and dozens of guitars) later he has a nice collection of mostly vintage Gibson guitars.

Throughout the years Erwin has owned and played a large variety of guitars. Each instrument taught him something; how it should feel, what it should look like and most importantly, what it should sound like. If you need a recommendation or an advice, call Erwin.