Finding the perfect match between a passionate player and a beautiful guitar

About us

The Guitar Company is an initiative by Erwin van Waardenburg. Erwin have been collecting exclusive high-end guitars for several years. And why not make a living out of your hobby? That is why he started The Guitar Company. To share his knowledge and passion of guitars with the rest of the world and to enjoy the stories and experiences of other collectors. The goal of The Guitar Company? To find the perfect match between a passionate player and a beautiful guitar.

The Team

Erwin van Waardenburg

Erwin started playing guitar at the age of ten. He started out with an old Silvertone and now, fifteen years later he has a lovely collection with mainly vintage Gibson guitars. Throughout the years Erwin has owned a broad variety of guitars. Every guitar he owned learned him something about the originality and playability of vintage guitars, and with ten years of experience as a collector he developed quite some expertise on vintage guitars. If you are not sure what kind of guitar your looking for, Erwin is the person to turn for advice!

“I bought my first vintage Gibson at the age of fifteen, a Gibson SG Special from 1971. At that point I knew what I wanted. I wanted to own as much different vintage guitars as I could and I started to deepen my knowledge of vintage and high-end guitars.”

Favourite guitar: Gibson ES-350N 1952