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I sold my old Martin with help from The Guitar Company. It saved me a lot of time and they took all worries and responsibilities away. In addition to that, they even managed to get me a way better price than I would have gotten on Ebay.

The Guitar Company helped me find the guitar of my dreams. I had been looking for a Vintage Gretsch 6118 Double Anniversary from the sixties but I was unable to find it. Eventually I turned to The Guitar Company for help. I contacted Erwin and after a while he mailed me that he found the guitar. I was able to test the guitar in Breda and I bought it. The people from The Guitar Company made me feel at ease and were of great help in the process.

I bought my Gibson AJ at The Guitar Company. When you buy a high-end instrument you have certain expectations with regard to service and expertise. Well, Erwin really met my expectations. While enjoying a cup of coffee I was able to test the instrument thoroughly. All of my question where kindly answered, and they showed quite some expertise on high-end guitars. You can feel the passion that the team of The Guitar Company has for guitar. A top experience!