Collings D1H

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What price do I get for my guitar?
Before we are able to offer you a fair and realistic price for your guitar we have to check the instrument. Our estimation depends on a few things. We look at the state of the instrument, exclusivity, age and so on. The final price of the guitar will be agreed upon together with you, being the selling party.

What happens if my guitar is damaged?
We always treat your guitars with the utmost care. All the guitars are being saved in a secured room with climate control. The guitars only leave this space when somebody has concrete interest in the instrument. Testing of the guitar happens under supervision of The Guitar Company. If necessary strings of the guitar will be replaced. If, for any reason, the guitar is damaged during it’s stay The Guitar Company can be held responsible and we will make sure that the damage is recovered.

How can I pay at The Guitar Company?
You can pay by pin or by bank transfer. Guitars can only be taken when the money is received.

Where is the complete collection stalled?
Due to practical reasons we do not have all the guitars in our studio. If you can tell us on beforehand in which guitars you’re interested, we make sure that we have them in our studio at the time you want to test them. If you are not completely sure what kind of guitar you are looking for, you can contact us and tell us your preferences. We are happily willing to select guitars that we deem suiting for you!

What do the shortcuts OHSC and HSC mean?
These are international shortcuts for case types. OHSC stands for Original Hard Shell Case, and means that the case is original and belongs to the guitar. HSC means Hard Shell Case,this means that it is not the original case.

Can I reserve a guitar?
We understand if you want to think things over. Buying a vintage or a high-end guitar is quite an expense. This is why we offer you the possibility to reserve the guitar for three days, after you tested the instrument. In this way you have a first option on the guitar, without additional costs.

Do you repair guitars?
We are happily to inform you on the reparation of your instrument. The Guitar Company always works with the same luthier. We know him for several years and have good experiences with the quality of his work. We do not act as an intermediary and charge no additional costs or commission.

Do you also sell new guitars?
No, only secondhand and vintage guitars.