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5 star rating on Reverb

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We buy vintage guitars, ukuleles, banjos, lap steels, mandolins and more.

We are always on the hunt for special vintage instruments to add to our collection. We are also interested in vintage amplifiers, guitar parts, cases and other accessories.


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A daily vintage player

My main guitar, along with the Gibson ES-350, is a Gibson ES-300 from 1947. The ES-300 is equipped with a Bigsby and an ABR-1 bridge. Both from the sixties.


Traditional handmade
Archtop pickguards.

Are you considering an upgrade for your guitar or want to return your vintage Archtop or Hollow Body to its "original" condition? At The Guitar Company, we manufacture handcrafted and historically accurate pickguards from high quality materials. Contact us for more information on the options available.

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Do you have a vintage guitar, amplifier or anything else that you want to know the value of?