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My main guitar, along with the Gibson ES-350, is a Gibson ES-300 from 1947. The ES-300 is equipped with a Bigsby and an ABR-1 bridge. Both from the sixties. The original parts (tuners) are in the case, only thing missing is the pick guard. The guitar was sold in combination with a Carlton case, very heavy but solid. Eventually I got the opportunity to buy a Lifton case for the guitar.

The Gibson ES-300 was a top of the line instrument and was loved by many jazz guitarists, like for instance Django Reinhardt and Mickey Baker. One of the most known Rock ‘n Roll solo’s was recorded with a Gibson ES-300. The song I am talking about is “Rock around the clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets. The guitarist in question was Danny Cedrone.

Django Reinhardt with a Gibson ES-300
Gibson ES-300 1947 Headstock

Throughout the years the ES-300 has had quite some firsts. It was the first Gibson with a crown inlay on the headstock and it was the first Gibson with a P90. The cover of the P90 was at the time still made with different material, looking a lot like the glass of modern day sunglasses.

I found out why the ES-300 is so incredibly popular amongst musicians. Before I bought this guitar I owned several Gretsch guitars but this guitar stole my heart. I play in a rockabilly band and also like to play Bebop and Western Swing. Along with the major projection the incredible tone makes this guitar very suiting for these kinds of music!