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Shipping within 2 working days
Worldwide shipping
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Sell your vintage instrument or collection.

Do you have a vintage guitar, amplifier or anything else that you want to know the value of? Let us know by filling out the form or send us a message. If the offered instrument fits within our collection, we will make you a suitable offer.

Sell your guitar

Do you have a vintage guitar, mandolin, banjo, amplifier etc. for sale? At The Guitar Company you can sell your instrument in two ways. Below we explain how it works.

Consignment (We sell your guitar)

Getting a fair price for your guitar? You as the owner offer a guitar through our website, and we agree on a price together. The Guitar Company receives a commission (a percentage of the selling price). Through our extensive network and our marketing and advertising efforts, The Guitar Company offers the opportunity to sell your guitar as quickly as possible. We will take all responsibilities off your hands and this will be contracted. The guitar then comes into our custody.

This is what we do for you

On arrival of the guitar we tune up the guitar, clean it and, if necessary, we replace the strings on the guitar. After a detailed inspection we take professional photographs of the guitar Professional presentation on our website. Potential buyers can look at the specifications, high resolution pictures and the story behind the guitar.

When the guitar is part of our collection it will be shared on our social media canals (Instagram, Facebook). We also place advertisements on different platforms and our subscribers will be notified by the newsletter.

The Guitar Company will actively look for potential buyers. We do this by looking for potential buyers in our own network but we also place advertisements on various websites. 


We make use of a sliding scales with regards to our consignment commission:

20% from the total amount for guitars between €500,- and €2000,-
19% from the total amount for guitars between €2000,- and €3500,-
18% from the total amount for guitars between €3500,- and more

The commission includes all of the above, but also the insurance of the instrument as long as it is in our possession.

If the instrument don’t get sold The Guitar Company charges €95,- for the fine-tuning and professional photographs of the guitar. This goes for all of the price classes mentioned above.

Both consigner as the consignee can end the agreement at any time. The costs for the pictures and the tuning of the guitar will be on account of the consigner.

After the guitar is sold the consigner will receive the full amount due within ten working days on the account number which is recorded in the contract of consignment.
Consignment is not your preferred way to sell your guitar? No worries, we have another option:

Purchase of guitars

The second possibility is that The Guitar Company buys your guitar. If your guitar fits in our collection, we want to offer you a fair price to ensure a smooth transaction.

This way you offer your guitar to us

For consignment as for purchase you can apply the following steps.

First off, we would like to receive background information about the guitar. You can simply do this by filling out the form below or by contacting us directly.

When we are interested we ask for extra information or we arrange a meeting to see the instrument.

Together we will inspect the instrument and reach an agreement.