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Custom Kraft 1960s


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A 1960s Custom Kraft Hollow Body produced by Kay. This guitar is very similar to the Kay K6535. At the time, this Custom Kraft was presented as “A lot of guitar at a very little price!”

Custom Kraft guitars are made for St. Louis Music. At the time, they were one of the largest guitar distributors in the United States.

This completely hollow instrument is made of birch. The neck has a thick C-profile with Rosewood fretboard and original brass fret wire. Like many Custom Kraft (and related guitars) the guitar plays OK up to about the 13th fret and sounds great for slide! The action is a bit higher than usual. I would recommend a refret for optimal playability. This has therefore been taken into account in the price.

On the headstock we find the original single line Kluson tuners. The tuners run smoothly and work well.

The Custom Kraft is equipped with two great sounding Zippo/Pancake DeArmond pickups. The electronics are original with unaffected solder joints.

One of the previous owners enlarged the treble F-hole, see photo. We have created a custom pickguard for this guitar that is true to the original. The new pickguard covers the previous Hillbilly "upgrade".

Comes with a gig-bag.

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