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Custom Kraft 1966


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A rare Custom Kraft Jazz Special 1966 made by Valco (Supro, National, Airline etc.) in Chicago. At the time, Valco released this guitar as “The Perfect Fun Guitar!”.

Due to the stem reinforcement, this neck is perfectly straight. Nice detail; Valco was a big fan of their so-called “perma-necks”. Valco has even advertised with the slogan “Say goodbye to neck adjustment forever!”. Valco also gave a five-year warranty on warped necks.

The maple neck has a medium C-shaped profile and the rosewood fingerboard features pearl dot inlays. The original frets are in near pristine condition. On the headstock we find the original open-geared tuners and the large Custom Kraft logo.

The Custom Kraft is equipped with a large single coil pickup. This pickup sounds surprisingly good. The original electronics are untouched and the CTS potentiometers date the guitar to the 17th week of 1966.

Comes with the original case.

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