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Danelectro Longhorn 1960s


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A 1960s Danelectro Coral Longhorn. Don't let its size fool you!

Towards the end of the 1980s, Anthony Marc bought the trade name Danelectro and various Danelectro and Coral parts.

The story goes that Anthony Marc sold unfinished bodies and necks for around $100 through an ad in Vintage Guitar Magazine. Many people bought these parts and started assembling these parts. As a result, you see many strange combinations of Danelectro and Coral these days.

The neck is from Danelectro and the body seems to be from Coral. The top of this vintage Danelectro is made of spruce and the back and sides are made of flamed maple.

Normally these guitars have a bolt-on-neck, but for some reason someone glued the Danelectro neck into the pocket of the body.

This little vintage guitar plays great and sounds exactly like a good Danelectro should.

The guitar comes without a case.

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