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Gibson ES-125 1955


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This vintage Gibson ES-125 was built in 1955 in Kalamazoo, Michigan and is very well maintained. A very nice example of Gibson's "workhorse". The ES-125 was a very popular guitar from the late 1940s to the late 1950s and was used for many styles from Jazz to Rockabilly at the time.

The ES-125 is a 16” Gibson with a bound laminated maple body and a chunky mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard. Furthermore, this ES-125 is completely original on the tuners, pickguard and one of the knobs.

The ES-125 has a fantastic sound acoustically, but plugged in the original P-90 cartridge comes into its own, punchy and warm. Despite the minimal 1-pickup concept, it is a very versatile guitar. As with many old Gibsons, the tone potentiometer works minimally. It should be replaced for 100% functionality.

The Gibson comes with a (not original) vintage case and repro pickguard.

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