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Gibson ES-225TDN 1958


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This 1958 Gibson ES-225TDN comes from our personal collection. An amazing guitar!

The background story of this guitar is worth mentioning. On the personalized original brown Lifton case we find the name “Joe Keene”. We looked up the name Joe Keene on the and it seems he was a serious songwriter in Memphis during the 1950s/60s/70s. He wrote several hits for names like; Charley Pride, The Willburn Brothers, Dickey Lee and Narvel Felts. In addition to the case, he also wrote his name and address in the body of the guitar.

The Gibson has been modified to (probably) Joe Keene's wishes. For example, the original tailpiece was replaced by a later Gibson Diamond Tailpiece and the early 1960s ABR-1 Bridge with nylon saddles. At one point, the bridge was two small screws attached to the body, see photos.

The original tuners have also been replaced by (very expensive) Double Line Gibson Kluson tuners, from the same era as the bridge. The upgrade keeps the guitar in tune and easy to intonate. The knobs are also not original, but otherwise the Gibson is 100% original.

Comes with the original Lifton case.


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