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Gibson L-4 1939


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A rare Gibson L-4 from 1939. The L-4 was introduced in 1912 as a top of the line Gibson. The L-4 is still being produced to this day. This makes the L-4 one of the longest-lasting Gibson models ever.

This L-4 has a 16-inch body with a carved spruce top and maple back and sides. As with most vintage archtops, the original pickguard has crumbled to dust over the years. The pickguard has therefore been replaced for a high-quality reproduction. Apart from the pickguard, this Gibson is completely original!

The chunky, yet comfortable, mahogany (nut width 44.5mm) neck features a truss rod and a Brazilian rosewood fretboard with luxurious floral inlays. Due to the floating fretboard, the guitar can easily be equipped with a floating pickup (DeArmond, Johnny Smith, etc.). The headstock is also finished with the famous script logo and original Grover sta-tite tuners.

Apart from the usual traces of use, the instrument is in very nice condition. For example, the entire body has a beautiful craquelure and there are no cracks or other problems to be found on the guitar.

The Gibson comes with the original case.

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