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Harmony H-45 1959


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A Harmony Stratotone "Mars model" H-45 from 1959 in very good condition. The H-45 is an uncomplicated vintage guitar with a volume and tone control for the original single DeArmond "Hershey Bar" pickup.

The Sunburst finish is still beautiful and vibrant. The cosmetic wear and tear is also less than normal for an over 60 year old guitar. This guitar is completely original except for the (free-floating) Rosewood bridge.

This feather-light fully hollow guitar is tuned with 10-46 strings and has a comfortable, low action. Originally this Harmony only had a "steel reinforced neck". But the previous owner chose to take the Harmony to a skilled Luthier. De Luthier then installed an adjustable truss rod, see photos. The result? Not only a good looking guitar, but also a great playing vintage guitar. A very nice upgrade, if you ask us.

The Maple neck has a full and thick C-shaped profile with a dyed Maple fretboard. On the headstock we find the original open-geared tuners.

All electronics work as they should and the DeArmond Hershey bar gives the guitar a rich and warm sound. We find the original open-geared tuners in stock.

Comes with the original case.

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