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Harmony Roy Smeck Vita 1929


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We often talk about rare guitars, but this one is very special! It is not every day that you come across a Harmony Roy Smeck Vita 1927-1930.

The name "Vita" comes from Roy Smeck's appearance in a Vitaphone movie in 1927. The movie became a huge hit and Harmony signed an endorsement deal with Roy Smeck. Also called “The Wizard of the Strings”.

Harmony made ukuleles, mandolins, tenor guitars and guitars for the Vita-line. The Vita line was Harmony's high-end line. The Vita line was built extremely lightly, with a thin spruce top and beautifully flamed mahogany back and sides.

With its pear-shaped body, seal-shaped soundholes and (patent) Lindbergh-inspired “aero-bridge”, it is certainly one of the coolest Harmony guitars to leave Chicago.

This example has been professionally restored. The original dyed pearwood fretboard has been completely renewed with an ebony fretboard. The bridge plate has also been reinforced and the guitar has had a neck reset. Now this guitar plays like a dream again and is tuned with .10 bronze strings. The Luthier did an amazing job, certainly one of the best restorations we've ever seen.

The original tuners have been replaced by Golden Age tuners. One of the better "old style" tuners on the market.

Comes with the original battered (pear shaped) Geib case with purple interior and case candy. Inside the case you'll find a vintage capo and braided guitar strap, all from the same era.

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