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Regal BRW Parlor 1910’s


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A special Regal Parlor from the 1910s. This vintage Regal would be considered a Parlor today, but at the time it was the norm.

The condition of this approximately 100 year old Parlor is very good. These early Regal guitars have no serial number. It is therefore unfortunately not easy to determine the exact age.

This old Regal has a beautiful Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with an (adirondack) spruce top. As you probably know, Brazilian Rosewood is very pricey and hard to come by these days, but in “the good old days” it was quite common to use Brazilian Rosewood. The guitar is equipped with ladder bracing and has a bound body.

Our luthier has brought this guitar back to life! His work included a neck reset, fret level/dress, glue back braces, leg saddle & nut and setup. At the time, this Parlor was probably equipped with gut strings. We have chosen steel 46w-10 strings. Due to the construction and the (not original) oversized bridge it is possible to use steel strings instead of nylon.

It is very hard to see, but there is a small hairline crack on the back of the headstock. We checked it with UV light and it doesn't appear to be a head crack, but we do want to mention it.

Comes with a non-original vintage case.

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