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The Gibson ES-175 1952

The Gibson ES-175 first appeared on August 1, 1949 in the Gibson catalog. The ES-175 was initially only with only one P-90 in the neck position. It would take until 1953 before we would see the double pickup version (ES-175D).

The Gibson ES-175

For the name of the ES-175 we have to go back in history. ES stands for Electric Spanish and the number after ES stands for the cost price. For example, a 1949 Sunburst ES-175 cost $175 at the time and a Natural ES-175 cost $190 (ES-175N).

The body of the ES-175 is made entirely of laminated maple with a mahogany neck and bound rosewood fingerboard. On the headstock of the ES-175 we find the classic Gibson crown inlay.

The most recognizable thing about the ES-175 at the time was the (sharp) Florentine cutaway. Previously only the (round) Venetian cutaway was used (except for the Style “0”). In terms of construction, you could therefore compare the ES-175 with an ES-125.

The long list of ES-175 players includes names like Herb Ellis, Jim Hall, Joe Pass, Steve Howe, Pat Metheny and countless other greats. The ES-175 is therefore indispensable in the music world after almost 70 years.

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