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Gibson ES-125 1941


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This is a beautiful example of a pre-war Gibson ES-125 from 1941. The Gibson ES-125 evolved (mainly due to inflation) from the ES-100 in 1941. The first ES-125 with P-13 pickup was only produced for two years. This is due to material shortages as a result of World War II.

The (easy to read) FON tells us that the guitar was made in 1941. This vintage Gibson has a spruce top and a beautiful maple back and sides. The original tortoise pickguard and bakelite art-deco knobs are a real eye-catcher on this guitar.

The mahogany neck has a soft V-shape with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and the action of the guitar is low. On the headstock we find the typical “Gibson” script logo. Furthermore, the guitar is equipped with non-original Kluson tuners.

There seems to be an extra layer of lacquer over the original finish. This is very similar to French Polish, the original paint with accompanying craquelure is still clearly visible under this (thin) extra layer. Two soundposts have also been placed in the body + bracings have been glued again, see photos. Two cracks have also been repaired near the jack and volume knob (very nicely done).

Comes with a non-original case.

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