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Gibson ES-300 1948


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One of our personal favourites; the Gibson ES-300 from 1948. In 1948 only 83 units in Natural left the Gibson factory.

The Gibson ES-300 was loved by many jazz guitarists at the time, such as Django Reinhardt and Mickey Baker. But one of the most famous rock 'n roll solos was also recorded with a Gibson ES-300. Bill Haley and the Comets “Rock Around The Clock” by Danny Cedrone.

The ES-300 is a deluxe jazz guitar with a full maple body and mahogany neck. This copy has a strikingly beautiful drawing on both the top and bottom cover. As with many old Gibson hollow body guitars, the original tailpiece has been replaced with a correct reproduction.

In the past, the Gibson has had a whole repair and a tear on the side has been repaired, see photos. All this has been professionally repaired and very stable. Furthermore, the original Natural finish has aged beautifully over the years.

The headstock is finished with a beautiful stinger and the original tuners have been replaced for period correct Kluson No-Line repro tuners. Furthermore, the ES-300 has a fantastic acoustic sound, but plugged in the original P-90 cartridge comes into its own.

The ES-300 comes with an original Lifton case. On the case we find the text “Pete the Hillbillie”. How hillbilly do you want it, if you can't even write hillbilly well?

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