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Gibson ES-330T 1960


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A rare and completely original Gibson ES-330T from the year 1960. Looking a lot like his bigger brother, the ES-335, there are some similarities and some differences. Because the guitar is hollow it has a characteristic sound. The ES-330T was introduced in 1958 and has made an impact on the sound of the 60’s and 70’s ever since.

Contrary to the ES-335 this ES-330T is completely hollow and has no center block. This makes the guitar extremely light and very resonant, easy to carry around on stage! The P-90 in centre position make it a guitar well suitable for Jazz, Blues and Rock’n’Roll. Despite having just one element the guitar is quite versatile.

The ES-330T has a quite broad 59’ neck profile (1/11/16 nut width). If you like thick necks, this is the guitar you want. These guitars were issued with one strap pin and one of the previous owners has chosen to add a strap pin on the guitar, see pictures.

With the Gibson comes a vintage case. The handhold has been replaced in the past.

This instrument is sold on consignment terms, we can not accept trade-in offers.

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