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Gibson SG Custom 1985


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Here we have a Gibson SG Custom 1987. This model is based on the early 1960s SG “Les Paul” Custom played by artists such as Mary Ford and Jimi Hendrix.

This Gibson SG was used by the legendary guitarist Ted Oberg (Livin' Blues). The SG has undergone some modifications. Probably to make the Gibson "roadworthy". For example, the pickups are not original, unfortunately we cannot identify the pickups, but under the pickups there is a label that says "I ANO 10 FEB 2005". It is known that Ted Oberg wound his own pickups. The wiring harness has also been upgraded. One of the potentiometers is equipped with a push-pull. In short; this instrument is a real workhorse!

Currently the SG Custom is equipped with a Bigsby and roller bridge. A very nice addition to the guitar! Want the original stop tail on the SG? No problem; the original stop tail is present and a Vibramute was used for the installation of the Bigsby. This makes it easy to reinstall the stop tail without any damage to the body.

The finish has aged in a natural way, beautiful to see in combination with the gold hardware. The mahogany body and slim-tapered neck provide a very resonant sound. The original Grover tuners have been upgraded with more vintage correct Gibson Deluxe tuners.

The Gibson SG Custom comes with the original Gibson (pink lining) case!

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