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Gretsch Princess 1963

This princess from 1963 is looking for her prince!

With the introduction of the Gretsch Princess in 1962, Gretsch aimed at a new market. This model was created to convince young women to start playing the guitar. Unfortunately, the Gretsch Princess didn't make much of an impression on female guitarists, which is why these models are quite rare today. Production of the Princess was discontinued in 1964. Frankly, we at The Guitar Company don't understand why. This is a serious rock and roll powerhouse that can be used to play a variety of styles. If you're not afraid of a little stage mojo, this is your guitar.

This version has a white body and funky gold pickguard + hardware. The Gretsch Princess has the same specifications as the Corvette. Only the finish is more luxurious, gold hardware and a backpad. Furthermore, the guitar is in completely original condition, only two of the tuners are a bit crooked, but work fine.

This guitar has not seen much action. For example, the Gretsch has been in storage for years. Unfortunately, the Gretsch is housed in a gig bag with a plastic liner and over the years the plastic has reacted with the nitrocellulose lacquer. The reaction caused some "damage" to the finish, see photos.

Comes with a non original case.

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