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National Rosita 1930s


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A beautiful National Rosita from the late 1930s. For an affordable price you bring the sound of the Mississippi Delta into your home!

This National Rosita has a laminated birch body with a beautiful Sunbust. Like many guitars from the 1930s, this Resonator also has a wonderful V-shape neck. The decal on the headstock was added later.

The appearance of this Resonator is amazing! Nice checking in the paint and the necessary dings & dongs, but structurally 100%. Furthermore, the National is equipped with two different vintage tuners, see photos.

The Resonator comes with a (slightly oversized) modern case.

Are you interested in this item? You’re welcome to check the instrument out at our store in Rijsbergen. Contact us to make an appointment via or +31 (0)76 230 50 69